Humbled to hear this from people that I’ve worked with!

Christopher Husdson Testimonial for Vicky Lyashenko

“Vicky is a clear communicator and excellent teacher. She knows her social media and will certainly help you understand and get a foothold in this ever changing world. Think of her as an affordable Gary Vaynerchuk!”

Christopher Hudson | | Chicago



“Vicky is an amazing and creative person in her own right, and when she brings those qualities to her work – you will be incredibly satisfied! Her energy, enthusiasm for each project, combined with her desire to constantly add to her knowledge of social media trends, definitely makes her someone you need to collaborate with!”

Linda Bard |  | Portland, OR


geoff testimonial

“Vicky, my giveaway campaign a was a huge success! Thanks to you, I have grown Facebook likes by over 20%, increased twitter followers and even YouTube subscribers.  The giveaway has received over 1000 entries which is largely due to the way you have helped me make this giveaway spread across the internet via social media. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to grow an audience or even as simple as running their next giveaway. Thank you for your help, you are worth your weight in gold.”

Geoff Quattromani | | Sydney, Australia


suzie“Vicky is easy to work with and impressed me with her attention to detail. She shares a fine balance of creativity and logic that is reflected in her work.”

Suzie Sandoval | | Portland, OR


vito“Vicky is a very smart and intelligent business owner. She is a true networker – her ability to connect with and introduce like-minded business professionals is truly amazing. Vicky is also extremely passionate about helping other business owners through her business resource site”

Vito Marchese | | Toronto, Canada



“Vicky is passionate and purposeful about her products and services. Vicky operates from a place of integrity – providing her customers with true value.”

Teresa Rodden  | |Lake Oswego, OR



“Vicky gave my business an extra push for marketing in the social media department. She is not only amazing at what she does, she always has an answer for me and she exceptionally quick in her delivery!”

Whitney Bard  | |Portland , OR