Hello! I’m so glad you’re here!

Before I tell you what I do and what I can do for you – let me introduce myself! First and foremost, I am a wife, and a mother to two sweet little boys. I started this business to be able to stay home with my babies and out of love for local businesses. I never imagined it to take off so quickly and turn into what it is today, a thriving media company that supports local businesses, educates their owners, and helps them develop an online presence.

Growing up, my dad was a local business owner and entrepreneur – that is when I fell in love with locally owned businesses. They are the foundation of our economy and each add such a unique presence in our communities!

Why Local Businesses?

After majoring in Education, and then Accounting and Small Business Management – I quickly realized where my passion lies. In educating local business owners to take control of their online presence. With so many great online options, free shipping, easy returns – many local business owners are feeling discouraged by this online wave. Many of you are struggling to get by, trying to compete with online retailers, and national chains  only to find yourself with less and less customers as the months go by. Is this really it? Is the business of your dreams doing the best it will ever do? Will you always struggle, trying to keep your prices low and your customers happy? Fear not because I am here to encourage and inspire you through blog posts, videos, and inspiring interviews that will help turn your business into the go to place in your city!

Want to Hire me?

Do you own a local business? Are you not attracting as many customers as you’d like? Are you ready to make a change? Fill out this quick form, and you’ll hear back from me to schedule your complimentary discovery session. During this session, we’ll both find out if we’re right for each other, what I can do for you, and what you can expect from working with me.

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